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Just Write!

7 Sep

I’ve been keeping busy.

Wrote a weird WW2 related story last night, 905 words. Didn’t work out how I planned but sometimes that’s a good thing.

Just wrote a short off a prompt from reddit, 1179 words.

One where I wasn’t 100% sure of the ending but it seemed to gel together okay.

I’d rather be happy I’ve written and finshed something even if it’s not great than have not finished or have not written at all.

Hard at it, it appears!

4 Sep

The ideas have been coming thick and fast over the last few days.

Typed up another story I wrote late last night into the early hours of this morning. 1727 words.

At least it didn’t feel as forced and as clunky as this weeks Brabdbury Challenge offering.
Right now I’ll take any story when I find it and work on it as soon as I get it.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 36.

3 Sep

Finally finished this weeks Bradbury Challenge story. 4947 words in total.

I started handwriting it in the wee small hours, around 4am after next door woke me up by dropping something heavy on the floor. I was awake for over an hour scribbling down the details of the dream I’d been having.
Only 1 problem, I’d been woken up before the end so I didn’t know where the “story” went.

It’ll probably be really obvious from its read through that I was making up the rest as I went.

I had 2 ideas, I eventually went with the second. The first being he never made it out and was killed.

At least its finished now, I can do tweaks and fixes and edits later.
That’s been the best part of a whole day writing, almost 7 hours.