Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 36.

3 Sep

Finally finished this weeks Bradbury Challenge story. 4947 words in total.

I started handwriting it in the wee small hours, around 4am after next door woke me up by dropping something heavy on the floor. I was awake for over an hour scribbling down the details of the dream I’d been having.
Only 1 problem, I’d been woken up before the end so I didn’t know where the “story” went.

It’ll probably be really obvious from its read through that I was making up the rest as I went.

I had 2 ideas, I eventually went with the second. The first being he never made it out and was killed.

At least its finished now, I can do tweaks and fixes and edits later.
That’s been the best part of a whole day writing, almost 7 hours.

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