Filling in the gaps

31 Aug

Not every story is going to be born fully formed, coming into the world kicking and screaming with every last detail locked down. Chances are MOST of your stories are coming to come into this world as just the middle, just the end, just the start or even less.

What I call “fragments“. So what do you do then?

You’ve got part of an idea and you aren’t sure where it goes next or where it came from.
I’ve talked about the five W’s before. Who,What, Where, When, Why.
These aren’t JUST questions. These are the tools you need for storybuilding. Look at what you have.

If you have a place, where is it?
If you have a character, who are they?
Why are they there?
What are they doing?
Where are they going next?

The five W’s will help you turn a few sentences into a proper story.
Just keep asking questions.

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