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The Caged Mind (A flash fiction story)

11 Jul

The Caged Mind
By Ray Daley

“You shouldn’t keep him locked up like that. Like some bloody animal!” Ian said.

“What do you suggest, open up the cage, give him free run of the whole zoo? Then wait until he pulls someone’s arms off? Like some bloody animal? Because that’s what he’ll do. He’s a bloody gorilla, for fucks sake!” Maxwell hated to argue when Ian was like this but it was getting to be too often now.

“Send him back to the wild then!” Ian said.

“He wouldn’t last five minutes in the wild. They’d eat him for breakfast, maybe saving a little for lunch. He was born in this zoo. He grew up in this zoo. He sees the keepers so much he probably thinks he’s human too! He watches that bloody television often enough.”

But that was before Ian finally went too far, putting his plan into action.


The soldiers guns rang out a second time. Ian’s hand fell, pushing the cage door fully open.

Taya sat at the back of the cage, unsure what all the noise was about.

The soldiers raised their guns again.

“No! Let him do whatever he wants! At least Ian won’t have died for nothing then. We’ll see what the bloody gorilla really wants.” Maxwell shouted.

Taya knuckled over to the open gate and looked through. He saw Ian’s body, lying next to it. He pushed it a little, confused at why his friend was so still. Taya looked at the gate once more. He had seen the keepers come in and out of it many times before.

He knew exactly what to do next.

Taya reached up and pulled the gate closed, using his massive index finger to slide the bolt shut. Then he turned and rushed back to the safety of the hide.

“See! I told him. Taya has everything he wants here.”

As soon as Taya entered the hide, the security gate locked shut. Inside the hide Taya was already being given a banana.

From the safety of the enclosure Maxwell shouted “Someone clean up that fucking mess outside. It’s scaring my gorilla!”

In the hide Taya sat, happily enjoying his banana and his favourite TV show.


Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 28.

9 Jul

Just finished this weeks Bradbury Challenge story, 1245 words.
Done in slightly less than an hour.

I hand wrote the start, super early this morning so I wouldn’t forget it.

I struggled to finish it, so the end is pretty crappy.
Hopefully I’ll work on it later in the week.
I should be able to improve it after a few days away from it.

At least I’m done, I was struggling to write anything with my headache.

The History Of My Head

8 Jul

The History Of My Head.

It’s always been attached to my shoulders, apart from the times when it was stuck in the clouds or face down in the dirt.

Sometimes it’s been empty.
Sometimes it’s been full, of ideas or madness.
(When in doubt which, ask EJ or Jason).

It’s never been replaced. All original parts since new.
1 not very careful owner. Once hit by a brick. (True story!)

And this is the history of my head. It’ll stay with me until I’m dead.

Then I might sell it. Or donate it to science. Because science.

Typing up. Meh!

5 Jul

I hate typing up but when you’ve got a finished story you have to do it.

An escape story I wrote late Tuesday, 846 words that I fixed as I typed it up.
Happy to have got it off paper.

Apparently I’ve completed 83 stories since January 1st 2014.
Already WAY past the 52 mark but it’s about managing 1 a week, every week until the end of the year.
And we’re only just over halfway through the year.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 27.

5 Jul

I started yesterday and wrote a little but I wrote most of the work today, finishing this weeks Bradbury Challenge story.

2537 words in total. About 2 hours work.

It underwent changes on paper due to on-going development as I didn’t really have a clue on the where’s the whys, the hows or the who’s. I asked myself a whole bunch of questions.

Initially I started out with a title and a couple of lines.

I had no idea who that person was.
Why they were there saying those things?
Where there even was?
How they’d got to the point?

I had to answer all those things.

Where and why were answered but changed due to too many possible plot holes.
When I decided why it gave me a second character and a reason to be there.

It all fell into place then.

It’s not a great story or ending, but it’s finished and that’s the main thing.
I’m ready for next week now.