Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 27.

5 Jul

I started yesterday and wrote a little but I wrote most of the work today, finishing this weeks Bradbury Challenge story.

2537 words in total. About 2 hours work.

It underwent changes on paper due to on-going development as I didn’t really have a clue on the where’s the whys, the hows or the who’s. I asked myself a whole bunch of questions.

Initially I started out with a title and a couple of lines.

I had no idea who that person was.
Why they were there saying those things?
Where there even was?
How they’d got to the point?

I had to answer all those things.

Where and why were answered but changed due to too many possible plot holes.
When I decided why it gave me a second character and a reason to be there.

It all fell into place then.

It’s not a great story or ending, but it’s finished and that’s the main thing.
I’m ready for next week now.


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