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This weeks Bradbury Challenge story update

19 Jun

This new story’s got chapters!
Ch1 almost 3k, Ch2 2k. Maybe 2 more chapters left.
Best finish soon, a weeks too short to write a book in.

I think I’ll do another 2-3k where he works under the new ID then have an issue arise where the person chasing his old self tells his new self about a bounty out on the data his old self had.

Then I can use the new self to get the old self out of the cack and tie it up by selling the Vurglesplats and him going off to live a nice new life with a final chapter of about 2k.

Another new story!

17 Jun

Yesterday I got the permission I was hoping for, to use a phrase from a story I read in Abyss & Apex caled “Coming Home” by Deborah Fitchett, in 2005.

I actually MISREAD it initially, but that misread sparked my imagination.

I’ve just finished writing it, about 2 hours work, there abouts.
2166 words, including authors notes.

Fairly happy with the end.
And it’s a new week tomorrow.

New story!

16 Jun

2633 words just from a title.
Just over 2 hours of writing with a few breaks to do stuff and rest my brain.

Despite the fact it’s got 3 different endings, I’m quite happy with it.

Quite a day

16 Jun

Today I’m both up and down.

We’ll deal with down first, shall we?
That’s a health issue, my eyes as usual.
I’ve got a piece of skin slightly loose in my lower left eyelid & it’s irritating me.
It feels like your eyes feel when you wipe sweat into them, very itchy too.

And now the up.
I’ve read a story, seen a phrase and it made me want to write a story.
Normally I’d just go right ahead, write the story and acknowledge the person who inspired me in my notes.
Not in this case.
I felt I had to get in touch with the writer and ask them for their permission to use this phrase.
It’s just two words.
And I don’t even want to use them exactly as she wrote them.
And that’s how much I WANT this phrase.

Please be that person.
And PLEASE be willing to part with those two words.

Back to writing!

15 Jun

Knocked out a story just now, 1222 words.

I had the title and a vague idea but just followed it where ever it went.
I had no clue how long it was or where it ended exactly.
It didn’t end up as I originally intended but that’s subject to change if it gets any editing.

At least I’ve written something and feel much better about that and life in general after yesterdays deep low.

1222 words, even if it was garbage, is better than a kick in the nuts.

Depression 2, Not Electric Boogaloo

14 Jun

Am firmly in the grip of the old black dog again, Meester Depression.

Opened the curtain for some sunlight to see if that’d perk me up. NOPE.
Opened the window for some air to see if that’d make me feel better. NOPE.
Tried some music to see if it could lift me a tad. NOPE.
Made a nice big cold drink of squash to see if that improved life even a fraction. NOPE.

Lots of nope.

It’s amazing how even Tour De France (By Kraftwerk, used in the movie Breakdance) can’t even pick me up right now. I need something INSANELY upbeat & happy.
It’s also too effing hot. That’s not helping. I’m half Welsh. I need rain and overcast skies.

I thought typing up my writing notes would improve things, it didn’t.
It just annoyed me more about not feeling able to write today.
What helps even less is noticing my spelling has gone to hell in a handcart too whilst doing this.

When in doubt, resort to Pacific by 808 State.

Help me Obi Wan Kinobi. You’re my only hope.

A story, from nowhere? Thank you!

12 Jun

Just knocked out a story, 1561 words on the theme of time travel.

It wasn’t planned, it was entirely written on the fly with no idea of where it was going or what the end was.

I also ended up changing the title after I finished it.
Quite nice to have written something when I wasn’t expecting to.

It’s not entirely awful too, some quite witty dialogue.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 24.

11 Jun

Just finished typing up this weeks Bradbury Challenge story.
I wrote it in bed just after midnight. I only just got the motivation to type it though.

894 words, apparently NOT an original idea according to Google auto-complete.

I’ve written worse and shorter this year.
I edited and rewrote on the fly, as I generally do.

At least that’s me done for this week anyway.

More submissions? Yes.

10 Jun

Just sent a short to Morpheus Tales.
They don’t pay but it’d be somewhere new and different to get into.

I like the sound of the people they’ve published in the past, it’d be nice company to be amongst.

Fingers crossed.

Tasteless, a flash fiction story

8 Jun

Tasteless, a flash fiction story
by Ray Daley

Again you hear the voice of The Narrator. “It is dark. You may be eaten by a Grue.”

You are surprised by what happens next, the deeper voice that comes from about thirty feet off to your immediate left, standing somewhere in the darkness. “Some people may. You won’t.”

You are confused. “What? I don’t understand?” You say.

“You won’t be eaten by a Grue.” The voice explains.

“Oh good. How do you know? And why not?” You ask.

“Because I am a Grue. And you stink to high heaven. I wish some of you dungeoneers would discover soap and water once in a while. Maybe every other month? I’m not eating you. Neither’s Phillip.”

“Hi. I’m Phillip. I’m a Grue too.” says another deep voice from an entirely different location.

Apparently you won’t be eaten by a Grue because you smell. There is a small stream to the North. Consider washing in it?” The Narrator doesn’t need to be that sarcastic, but is.

You end up going south-east, where you find a nuclear powered lamp.
Little do you know it’ll go critical when you try to light it.


The End.