Quite a day

16 Jun

Today I’m both up and down.

We’ll deal with down first, shall we?
That’s a health issue, my eyes as usual.
I’ve got a piece of skin slightly loose in my lower left eyelid & it’s irritating me.
It feels like your eyes feel when you wipe sweat into them, very itchy too.

And now the up.
I’ve read a story, seen a phrase and it made me want to write a story.
Normally I’d just go right ahead, write the story and acknowledge the person who inspired me in my notes.
Not in this case.
I felt I had to get in touch with the writer and ask them for their permission to use this phrase.
It’s just two words.
And I don’t even want to use them exactly as she wrote them.
And that’s how much I WANT this phrase.

Please be that person.
And PLEASE be willing to part with those two words.


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