Depression 2, Not Electric Boogaloo

14 Jun

Am firmly in the grip of the old black dog again, Meester Depression.

Opened the curtain for some sunlight to see if that’d perk me up. NOPE.
Opened the window for some air to see if that’d make me feel better. NOPE.
Tried some music to see if it could lift me a tad. NOPE.
Made a nice big cold drink of squash to see if that improved life even a fraction. NOPE.

Lots of nope.

It’s amazing how even Tour De France (By Kraftwerk, used in the movie Breakdance) can’t even pick me up right now. I need something INSANELY upbeat & happy.
It’s also too effing hot. That’s not helping. I’m half Welsh. I need rain and overcast skies.

I thought typing up my writing notes would improve things, it didn’t.
It just annoyed me more about not feeling able to write today.
What helps even less is noticing my spelling has gone to hell in a handcart too whilst doing this.

When in doubt, resort to Pacific by 808 State.

Help me Obi Wan Kinobi. You’re my only hope.

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