Tasteless, a flash fiction story

8 Jun

Tasteless, a flash fiction story
by Ray Daley

Again you hear the voice of The Narrator. “It is dark. You may be eaten by a Grue.”

You are surprised by what happens next, the deeper voice that comes from about thirty feet off to your immediate left, standing somewhere in the darkness. “Some people may. You won’t.”

You are confused. “What? I don’t understand?” You say.

“You won’t be eaten by a Grue.” The voice explains.

“Oh good. How do you know? And why not?” You ask.

“Because I am a Grue. And you stink to high heaven. I wish some of you dungeoneers would discover soap and water once in a while. Maybe every other month? I’m not eating you. Neither’s Phillip.”

“Hi. I’m Phillip. I’m a Grue too.” says another deep voice from an entirely different location.

Apparently you won’t be eaten by a Grue because you smell. There is a small stream to the North. Consider washing in it?” The Narrator doesn’t need to be that sarcastic, but is.

You end up going south-east, where you find a nuclear powered lamp.
Little do you know it’ll go critical when you try to light it.


The End.


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