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They Don’t Understand, Nor Do They Care (A Flash Fiction Story by Ray Daley)

12 May

Never argue with invading aliens, especially not ones who are twenty-three feet tall, dyslexic and have teeth as long as an adults arm.

But they totally weren’t here to invade us. Or eat us, or enslave us.
It was the weirdest request. “We wish to take part in Sprot,” they asked.

Sprot? What the hell was sprot?

“Yeah, sprot. We can probably help you out in that area. Accommodate your sproting related needs, so to speak. Erm, what kind of Sprot, exactly?” Our intermediary said.

“The running sprots, the throwing sprots. We wish to take on your very best sprotspeople.” they explained.

And then the penny dropped. They meant sport. So we hosted them a sproting event unlike any other. Where the point was explained very carefully to the athletes of Earth, “Listen, no matter how bad they are – let them win.”

Even the great Usain Bolt threw his race, and did it with a smile and extreme diginity though you could tell he was dying inside at being told to lose on purpose.

But the aliens were overjoyed at their total victory. “We are happy to have beaten your greatest sprotsmen. Thonkyar Earth creatures.”

And then we waved them off, back on their merry way to their own planet. Let the errors go man, we survived an alien invasion for crying out loud.

We are not alone. Someone else in the Universe also loves sprot.


I’m In An Ezine!

10 May

My story “First Impressions” is now available in Ezine 14 of The Sirens Call. It’s on page 13, unlucky for some but not me in this case. I’m totally overjoyed at getting one of my horror stories accepted as it’s not really a genre I am very well known for.

You can either read it online or download the Ezine for free.
Any and all feedback is welcome.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 19.

7 May

Finished this weeks story, 1926 words about a weird reality gameshow.

It’s in present tense so it MAY require a bit of a rewrite.
I may end up leaving it that way just to see how it reads after a few weeks.

I was pretty happy with the story and the way it flowed and the ending.

All done until next week now.

When Do You Give Up On An Idea?

4 May

How long do you leave something in “development”?

I’ve got stuff that dates from a few days old to a year, two years, and even as old as over 16 years old.
When do you, as an author, finally say “I can’t take this any further than I have it”?

Because I have no clue.
Authors can be hoarders.

I don’t want to throw things away but I know one day I won’t finish everything I’ve started.
I can say this:- I would like to finish everything I’ve started.

I’ll probably die before that happens.

Writing Update

4 May

Just hammered out a story, 2537 words.

Slightly inspired by reading Maze Runner recently.
I had an ending, which I decided against on the fly so I changed it midstream then had to come up with another ending which I got to eventually.

All in all, I was quite pleased with the outcome and the story in general.

First post from the new monitor

2 May

In case you hadn’t guessed from the title, I’ve got a new monitor.

Well, it’s new to me.

My old Acer LCD 19 inch widescreen was starting to suffer from burn-in so I asked on Facebook if anyone had a spare they fancied donating to the cause of International Literature (my actual words!) and fortunately one of my oldest friends had a spare 17 inch lcd.

Which I am now using.

My research tells me it’s a VideoSeven, it gives a decent picture at 1280×1024 and text is more than clear enough to read. I’ve tested it for all my basic needs and it does all of them. I’m sure I’ll miss the widescreen aspect but I’ll get used to the new look soon enough.

So we’re back in business, not that we were ever out of it.
But we were on the edge with that Acer as it was well on its last legs.

On going list of cartridge titles found at Atari landfill dig

1 May

I am posting this here as a list that will be updated every time I see new titles that were dug up from the Atari landfill excavation.

Current known and confirmed titles are as follows:-
(Confirmation is that these are either cartridges or boxes that have been seen. Titles were clear & easy to read)

E.T, Yars Revenge, Defender, Centipede, Asteroids, Breakout, Star Raiders (plus controller), Real Sports Football, Phoenix, Berzerk, Qix, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Missile Command, Maze Craze, Space Invaders, Swordquest: FireWorld, Combat, Pacman, Superman, Warlords.

Confirmed list from Atari Museum (Facebook site)
Circus Atari
Dodge ‘Em
Haunted House
Human Cannonball
Maze Craze
Missile Command
Night Driver
Pele’s Soccer
Raiders Of The Lost Ark
Real Sports Football
Space Invaders
Star Raiders (plus controller)
Swordquest: FireWorld
Super Breakout

Here’s an insane Sci Fi idea

1 May

Instead of making robots more human, why not try to make people more human?
There are too many shitty things being done for one reason or another, mostly by people who do it because they can.
If you are human, be more human.

Act your species.