Yay! New story finished!

31 May

1959 words from part of a line I didn’t hear Matt Smith say the end of.

Whatever he said, it almost certainly was not “Tomorrow, There Will Be A Bear”.
Because that’s the title. 1959 words, a decent ending, 2 Shakespeare quotes.

It’s absolutely KILLER. I love it.
Considering all I had were the words “Tomorrow there will be…”, I’m majorly impressed that I created that out of it.

Really like it, really proud.
That one will stand the test of time.

I don’t even know which episode of Doctor Who that was.
It was a Clara one, they came out of the TARDIS, it was on the Thames Embankment.
Clara was collecting money in the fez and the Doctor said “Tomorrow there will be…”

If anyone knows the name of the episode and what else he said, can they let me know?
(A quick Google says it was “The Bells of Saint John”. All I need to know now is what he actually said?)


Having found the episode, The Doctor says Doctor said “Tomorrow, an camel“.
So I totally misheard the line.

It made for an excellent story source though.

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