First post from the new monitor

2 May

In case you hadn’t guessed from the title, I’ve got a new monitor.

Well, it’s new to me.

My old Acer LCD 19 inch widescreen was starting to suffer from burn-in so I asked on Facebook if anyone had a spare they fancied donating to the cause of International Literature (my actual words!) and fortunately one of my oldest friends had a spare 17 inch lcd.

Which I am now using.

My research tells me it’s a VideoSeven, it gives a decent picture at 1280×1024 and text is more than clear enough to read. I’ve tested it for all my basic needs and it does all of them. I’m sure I’ll miss the widescreen aspect but I’ll get used to the new look soon enough.

So we’re back in business, not that we were ever out of it.
But we were on the edge with that Acer as it was well on its last legs.


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