Novel News!

5 Apr

So. I just wrote my first 750 words of my novel.
And I just solved the problem that was bugging me.
Oh, and I started it on chapter 3. Just to annoy those with OCD.

Here’s a bit of background.

I wrote a short story on the 18th November 2012.
I thought ‘This’d make a good novel’ then thought nothing more of it for a while.

Then I thought ‘Okay, stuff it. yeah, why not.’
And wrote down a bunch of chapters, how I wanted the book to progress.
Literally no more than a few sentences for guidance. That was on 3rd April 2013.
I also wrote out a list of characters and some basic info on each.

And then did nothing. Until about 40 minutes ago.

And now it’s actually got some “proper” content.

It was always going to progress in what I call “slow time”.
But at least now there’s some actual work happening on it.


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