3 Apr

Had some good news today, not sure if I can share any details as yet so it’s just going to be listed as “good news” until I know that I can reveal more.

Reading Rick Wakemans biog, very enjoyable so far.

A bit low in the creativity arc this week, I had to really motivate myself hard to do this weeks Bradbury Challenge story.
I’m totally not feeling any urge, need or desire to write anything this week.
I may be on shutdown until next Wednesday.

Hopefully something I read, listen to, watch or see will kick-start me again.
The lows are low, but you have to take the rough with the smooth in this life.

The only thing keeping me up is knowing I can tell you about this news soon.
Be good to each other.
I’m off for a mug of hot Bovril & some toast.

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