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Health Update

22 Mar

Was doing morning ablutions and got to the Ocular hygiene bit when I discovered I’ve got another loose(ish) mass in my lower left eyelid. It’s nothing to panic about, I’ve had it happen before.
They eventually work themselves completely loose and just come out on their own.
There is some blood associated with that though.

When it happened for the 1st time last year I was SUPER scared, thinking my eye had hemorraged as I’d recently had my laser surgery. Luckily no, it was just a chalazion/granuloma working its way out.
Their incurable (great, two incurable conditions!) apparently.
And reoccur on a semi-regular basis.

At least this time I know how to deal with it and what to expect.
In the next few days I’ll probably wake up with blood down half of my face, that’s what happened last time.

I know this all sounds quite gory and fairly scary and I might sound quite blase about the whole thing.
That’s because I’m fully aware of the situation and what to expect.
Knowledge makes shit less scary, let me tell you.

I just thought I’d let you know, it might explain my recent eyelid inflamation too.
I’m hoping it won’t effect my Bradbury Challenge writing but I can’t be sure.
There is some mild discomfort right now, I’ll use some artificial tears to sort that.
Any, at least you know what’s going on with me right now.


20 Mar

And another story submitted to The Sirens Call, closing date march 31st.

Take this as a statement of intent, if I see a market that’s open to submission & I’ve got something I think will fit then I’m submitting to it.
If you don’t enter, you can’t win.
I now have 6 stories out there. 6 chances.

Another submission? Yes!

20 Mar

To Wicked Words Quarterly, a weird horror piece of 1400 words.
It was an extra story from the Bradbury Challenge.

Hopefully they like it. Closes in 60 days.
As I’m out of fingers to cross, I’ll cross my toes.
Wish me luck.

Another new submission sent

20 Mar

This time to Ruthless Peoples Magazine.
Just shy of their 1000 word limit.
Not sure if they’ll like it. Fingers are crossed.

I figure the more pay markets I try, the better chance of a return.

There’s something up!

20 Mar

My newest published flash piece Back From The War is now on the front page of Farther Stars Than These.
Direct story URL:-
Thanks to Earl Wynn for taking another chance on one of my stories.

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 12.

19 Mar

Just finished this weeks story, 2415 words.
It’s basically a meta-story, self-referring.

Super weird.

New free ebook out!

18 Mar

And it’s not even the first of a new month yet!
This one had been in development for two (count them!) whole years.
Yes it’s short but there was a lot to research to get a certain aspect factually correct.
Today is this stories 2nd birthday. Happy birthday, story! or
Panic Over Metropolis by @RayDaleyWriter #free #Superman #fanfic #ebook

What’s occurring?

18 Mar

Hello all.

No actual writing done today.
I did find my other notes I’d been looking for about a month ago for a piece I was trying to finish.
I typed those up. Quite pleased to have found them. Thought they were lost.

Wrote a new 9 Regions outline up, based on a dream I had, Jimmy Doohan had a guest cameo as Scotty.
Quite a weird dream but it made for basis of a decent idea.
I don’t mind the odd weird dream, if I remember it then they generally become stories.
The weirder ones go straight into the 9 Regions pile.

The idea pile on my computer is starting to build up now.
I’ll scan through it tomorrow, hopefully use another framework to knock out next weeks Bradbury Challenge story.
I’ve also noticed that my stories are getting longer.
This can only be a good thing when the eventual target is a novel.

More submissions!

17 Mar

Another story submitted to another anthology.
It’s rare people ask for reprints but that story I sent out is a blinder. In my opinion.
Fingers crossed.
If I keep submitting stuff at this rate I’ll run out of fingers to cross in about a week.

Todays writing advice

17 Mar

Write what you know.

I know it’s an old cherry but it’s true.
The more familiar you are with a subject or set of personalities/characters, the easier it is to create realistic sounding situations for them.
Because you understand the basic dynamic, it makes building something from it that much easier.
It doesn’t feel like work, you know it. Without thinking.
You can mentally ask “What would that type of person do/say in those circumstances? How would they react?”
The work feels more real, it flows more naturally.

You’ll find yourself writing more than you normally do because of your familiarity with the background.

Write easy, write what you know.
Use your personal experiences.