Checking In, As Promised

24 Mar

I said I would yesterday. So here I am.

Feeling a great deal better than yesterday, that was a deep one. Sorry to lay it on you lot as well but it happened.

I want to send a personal message of thanks to Dominic Hamer of Ruthless Peoples Magazine for taking time out of his life to send me that email. It was extremely thoughtful and very kind. For a guy who’s only ever read 1 thing I ever submitted he was really nice about my post yesterday. We need more people like him when we’re depressed.

Todays aim is to type up some 9 Regions stuff.
I’m eating dinner right now so hopefully once I’ve got some fuel in me I’ll feel slightly more alive.
Mood has picked up, it did improve a little yesterday but I ended up going to bed in the end.

Gonna try and find an outline for this weeks Bradbury Challenge from my pile.
The only idea I’ve had this week felt a bit stale and had no ending.
And according to Googles auto-complete, I was the 1st person to ever Google Amelia Earhart lesbian.
Once the sun has moved & ISN’T shining right into my face I’ll open the curtains & get me some sun therapy too.
I struggle in bright light, due to the glaucoma.

Righty, off to finish food then work on 9 Regions stuff.
Be lovely to each other.

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