Health Update

22 Mar

Was doing morning ablutions and got to the Ocular hygiene bit when I discovered I’ve got another loose(ish) mass in my lower left eyelid. It’s nothing to panic about, I’ve had it happen before.
They eventually work themselves completely loose and just come out on their own.
There is some blood associated with that though.

When it happened for the 1st time last year I was SUPER scared, thinking my eye had hemorraged as I’d recently had my laser surgery. Luckily no, it was just a chalazion/granuloma working its way out.
Their incurable (great, two incurable conditions!) apparently.
And reoccur on a semi-regular basis.

At least this time I know how to deal with it and what to expect.
In the next few days I’ll probably wake up with blood down half of my face, that’s what happened last time.

I know this all sounds quite gory and fairly scary and I might sound quite blase about the whole thing.
That’s because I’m fully aware of the situation and what to expect.
Knowledge makes shit less scary, let me tell you.

I just thought I’d let you know, it might explain my recent eyelid inflamation too.
I’m hoping it won’t effect my Bradbury Challenge writing but I can’t be sure.
There is some mild discomfort right now, I’ll use some artificial tears to sort that.
Any, at least you know what’s going on with me right now.

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