What’s occurring?

18 Mar

Hello all.

No actual writing done today.
I did find my other notes I’d been looking for about a month ago for a piece I was trying to finish.
I typed those up. Quite pleased to have found them. Thought they were lost.

Wrote a new 9 Regions outline up, based on a dream I had, Jimmy Doohan had a guest cameo as Scotty.
Quite a weird dream but it made for basis of a decent idea.
I don’t mind the odd weird dream, if I remember it then they generally become stories.
The weirder ones go straight into the 9 Regions pile.

The idea pile on my computer is starting to build up now.
I’ll scan through it tomorrow, hopefully use another framework to knock out next weeks Bradbury Challenge story.
I’ve also noticed that my stories are getting longer.
This can only be a good thing when the eventual target is a novel.


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