Who’s Calling, an SF flash-fic story by Ray Daley

9 Mar

Who’s Calling
By Ray Daley

March 10, 1876.

Alexander Graham Bell made the call, the first call. “Mister Watson – come here – I want to see you.”

A few moments passed and the door opened, Thomas Watson entered. “You wanted to see me Mister Bell?” he said.

“Not I Mister Watson, but this gentleman caller. He has a request.” said Bell.

“Yes sir, how can we be of service today?” asked Watson.

“Can you go back into the other room and check all the windows are securely sealed, then come back in here and lock the door from this side. I have something amazing I want to show you both.” the man said.

Watson was gone but all of a minute, locking the door behind him as he returned. “The room is secure sir.”

“And no-one could possibly enter without being seen?” the man asked.

“Yes sir, this is the only way in.” Watson said.

“Your apparatus in the other room, what did you call it?” the man asked.

“I call it a telephone sir.” Bell replied.

“The one next door and the one in here are the only ones?” the man asked.

“That is correct sir.” Bell said.

“And the room next door is empty, that is also correct?” the man asked.

“Yes sir, I checked the room myself.” Watson said.

“Gentlemen, please listen.” the man said.

On the table, the apparatus Bell had called a telephone began to ring.

“Watson, you are certain the other room was empty?” Bell asked.

“As certain that I stand here right now sir.” Watson replied.

“So if the only other telephone that exists is in an empty locked room, who is calling us?” Bell asked.

The man reached into his pocket and the ringing stopped. “Gentlemen, I will bid you good day. And good fortune Mister Bell. I recommend you go to the patent office right now.”

The man left Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson most confused.

As he walked down the street he took a small device from his pocket.

“Hello sir, Agent One checking in as requested. Yes sir, Bell just made the call. I believe he’s on his way to the patent office as we speak. Yes sir, they were both most confused. Thank you sir, happy to help. One more thing before I return sir? How are my shares in Bell Time Travel doing today?”



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