Slightly Annoyed (Mainly At Myself) Writing Update

1 Mar

I’ve typed up the notes I scribbled down for my story in progress that has been going for a few days now.

I totally wasn’t feeling the writing of it today. Or yesterday. The notes are down, it’s a framework to tell me/show me the direction I think I need to take to get from where I am to where I would like to be.

Note usage of “like to be“, not “want to be“. It’s a tough road to travel to get there and make sure the pay-off is worth the investment.

I’d swear quite a lot at this point normally but the swears are so sweary I just can’t swear hard enough.
They haven’t invented the swear I would need to say to clear my feeling at this moment.

Swear, sweary swearington.

If things get much tougher you’ll be seeing the incomplete story being posted here as an official “I have given the hell up on this”.

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