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Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 8.

19 Feb

Story completed, 1404 words from a reddit prompt.
Not all that difficult.

I didn’t write yesterday because I was feeling a bit crappy after my long day at the Eye Clinic.

Man From The Future, a FREE flash fiction story by Ray Daley

16 Feb

Man From The Future, a FREE flash fiction story by Ray Daley.

The man was dressed oddly. “I’ve been sent from the future, take me to The President.”
“You want to see Obama? The future really must be bleak! Who’s President?”
“Eddie Vedder.”
“The guy from Aerosmith?”
“No, that’s Steve Tyler. Eddie Vedder makes pottery.”
“Your rock & roll President makes pottery? The future really IS in a mess.”

More flash written

16 Feb

Hammered out 1065 words from an idea I got whilst using the smallest room in the house.

References Gary Numan, Thomas Dolby, Ray Bradbury, Wil Wheaton, Star Trek TNG, Guinan, George Burns and channels William Gibson.
It’s also possible that the large American tourist in the fake silk shirt is based on Penn Jillette.

Sneaking one more story in today

15 Feb

The day isn’t quite over here in the UK. I just finished my 3rd short of the day.
1130 words. Rather beautiful if I say so myself.
And I just did. Classic Golden Age SF.

A poem (wot I wrote) for my friend

15 Feb

My Girlfriend Is A Fridge, An Poem by Ray Daley.

Your fridge will be your girlfriend,
The relationship will never end.
The girlfriend fridge is fully Greek,
By feeding up the hungry geek.
The girlfriend fridge is where it’s at,
The girlfriend fridge will get you fat.

Writing update (for those who care)

15 Feb

2nd short story of the day written & finished.
1133 words & 960 words respectively.

Beth Orton (She Cries Your Name) was listened to and very much enjoyed during the creation of the 2nd story a few minutes ago.
She sounds so much like Joni Mitchell it’s unreal, rather scary in a beautiful way too.

I’ve been reviewed! By someone I read!

13 Feb

Your actual Tom Lichtenberg only just reviewed my new ebook. Someone I like is a fan? COOL!

Here’s what he had to say about “Waking Up Different” (A 5 star review, no less!):-
Another fun story by this always entertain writer. Recommended!

He also said this on his blog:-
A fun short story of cryonics by the always entertaining sci fi writer and Doctor Who story teller Ray Daley, Waking up Different is free from Smashwords as are many of his stories. It’s like free candy for light-hearted science fiction fans! And who doesn’t like free candy?

Thank you for your kind words Tom. My new release will be next month but I’ll be featuring on Farther Stars Than These on the 20th of next month too. My flash stuff is also on 365 Tomorrows & Linguistic Erosion. Feel free to read it.

Or follow the blog. Or my twitter feed, @RayDaleyWriter

Ray Bradbury Challenge, Week 7.

13 Feb

This weeks Bradbury Challenge story now finished.
945 words off a reddit prompt.
I wasn’t feeling like writing yesterday but it wasn’t too difficult today.
I don’t think the hospital visit or the bad tummy helped yesterday either but at least this weeks is written and done.

Danny Baker’s Rockin’ Decades (90′s)

12 Feb

Albums chosen by the guests were:-

If You’re Feeling Sinister by Belle & Sebastian (chosen by Josie Long)
Be Here Now by Oasis (chosen by Alexis Petridis)
Garbage by Garbage (chosen by Louise Wener [formerly of Sleeper])
Oranges & Lemons by XTC (Danny Bakers choice)

Update on my daily update.

12 Feb

Got a no from Clarkesworld. That’ll be my last try with them. I don’t do SMF, sorry.