Ever writing!

9 Feb

Finished typing up “TV Times”.

Not exactly super happy with the ending. (When am I ever?)
It’ll do for the time being. 1439 words is an okay amount, it felt MUCH longer when I was typing it up though.

Moral there? Never type up on Open Office, just use Notepad.

Several outlines written down, some I’m quite happy about writing.
Hoping to do work on “Panic Over Metropolis” during the course of the next few months so I can finally release it this year.

Off for another Visual Fields test on Wednesday, hopefully the snow that’s supposed to come this week will hold off until I’ve been and then come home. It can snow its ass off after that.

Moods are up and down, also got the sniffles.
Surviving without a TV slightly better than I thought I would, it’s been just over 2 weeks now since it went phut.

Thought for the moment:- Never say “I wish”. Say “I will”.

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