A thought on sleep and dreaming

19 Jan

The memory of a subconcious brain is a weird thing.

It can remember EXACTLY what a junior school friend looked like in 1978 as you are sleeping in 2014.
(That’s thirty six years for the hard of maths! 36!)
But then sometimes you’ll present it with data it can’t remember.

I know roughly what a digital sampler SHOULD look like.
It certainly doesn’t look like a portable record player.

But it was quite funny when the music teacher gave me that when I asked for a digital sampler.
Admittedly they actually hadn’t been invented in the year I was asking for one.
(Having since checked, Wiki says yes they had.)
So it was quite funny to be given a portable record player with a completely serious look saying “Yes, this IS what you asked for.
My brain is odd. And I have to live in it.

“This is the city. I work here. I carry a badge. I carry a badge.”

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