What’s occurring?

18 Jan

Time to give you an update on what I’ve been up to.

Obviously you already know I’ve finished this weeks Bradbury Challenge story.
Then said I was having the rest of the week off.
Best laid plans of mice & men, eh?

I’ve been writing.
I appear to be possessed by the demon of a writer.
And I’m quite enjoying it but it’s rather taking it’s toll on me.

Things I’ve discovered:-
Completed stories to be typed from last year! 23rd Dec, 24th Dec, 7th Jan, 17th Jan and 18th Jan.
And the story I posted a few days back.
And the story I started today, did 3 hours work on and wrote just over 3000 words of.
Oh, and five partial ideas/outlines/concepts that I jotted down to write at a later date.

This Bradbury thing is starting to have an effect.

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