Kindle stats, more info

1 Jan

Last year in September I compiled some stats about battery life of my Kindle (K3 keyboard wifi only, now over 2 yrs old) here:- Kindle reading stats.

Now 2013 is over I’ve taken down the calendar and am going to check out how often I charged the Kindle over a year, how long for (if listed) and how long that charge lasted.

Jan 1st – 7th. As the charge had been made in 2012, no time info was written down. 7 days.
Jan 7th – 27th. No charge time listed. 20 days.
Jan 27th – Feb 19th. Estimated 7hrs on charge. 24 days.
Feb 20th – Mar 10th. 9 hr charge. 19 days.
Mar 10th – Apr 2nd. No charge time listed. 24 days.
Apr 3rd – May 12th. 12 hr charge. 40 days.
May 13th – May 30th. No charge time listed. 18 days.
May 30th – Jun 21st. 8 hr charge. 23 days.
Jun 21st – Jul 6th. 7 hr charge. 16 days.
Jul 6th – Aug 6th. 7.5 hr charge. 32 days. Kindle battery totally flat.
Aug 6th – Sep 2nd. 10.5 hrs charge. 28 days. (possible indexing drain on battery after loading 75+ books on)
Sep 2nd – Sep 28th. 10 hr charge. 27 days.
Sep 29th – Sep 23rd. 12 hr charge. 25 days.
Sep 24th – Nov 19th. 12 hr charge. 27 days.
Nov 20th – Dec 31st. 10hrs 40 mins charge. 42 days.

15 charges during the year, 4 of those had unknown durations but assume at least 3 hrs on each as per Amazon instructions.
A average of 24.5 days per charge. It’s an average charge of 8 hours each time.

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