Resolving 2013

26 Dec

There was no actual New Years Resolution as such this year.

I eventually decided to stick with 2012’s resolution, release at least 1 ebook per month. More than achieved with 18 releases this year.

The stuff that got accepted by the flash web sites was just a bonus to be honest but the knock backs on the ideas I thought were sure fire were very difficult to take. But I’ve taken them. Anything the flash market says no to can always be reused as a book eventually. Or go in an anthology if it’s very short.

Next years releases are all finished (yes, already!), in fact Januarys release already has a cover. I had a bit of a sort out and moved some stuff that was potentially going out in 2015 to next year and I am hoping by some time next year to have written enough to release the “Nine Regions” anthology which may well end up being a pay title.

There are no actual definite plans for next year as far as writing goes.
Everything is subject to mood, time and health.

I probably will do the minimum 12 releases again. I’ve had 2 successful years of doing it now. Hopefully sometime next year I want to search my room for my Invisible Knight novel work. I have a vague idea where it might be.

I’m going to earmark enough money to pay into my bank account so I can cover next years broadband bill after the price increase. This will at least keep me online another year, no matter what.
I should get the results of my MRI early next year, no idea what to expect there.

As long as I can see and type, I’ll carry on writing and releasing.

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