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Almost done…… Almost!

14 Oct

Three of four Doctor Who ebook covers now done, took a few hours.

Hopefully I can finish the last one tomorrow.

I know, that’s Who!

14 Oct

All Novembers Doctor Who fan-fic stories are now finished, proofed, spell checked with legal disclaimers attached.
I know which I’ll release and have my calendar marked for each weeks release.
Now they need covers. 4 unique covers that go with the story.
It’s a good job I’ve still got a few weeks of October left to do that in.

“Who” knows?

14 Oct

Currently about to make another start on finishing one of my Doctor Who fanfic pieces for release next month.

It was the shortest piece of the 4 I’ve written and I was unsure about the “non-ending”, I had a further idea (which stayed in my head for at least 7 weeks) so I’ve decided to write it out and see if it works.

If not, I’ll delete the extra stuff and go with the original short version, possibly including the rewrite as part of the authors notes.

Why short stories?

11 Oct

It’s a very good question that I imagine some people want to ask.
Why do I favour the short story over longer ones?

A few reasons.

I like to be able to do something a reader can pick up, get into quickly, read for up to maybe 30 minutes max and be finished.
I find short stories easier to write. Sometimes an idea can only be taken so far.
I’m genuinely nervious about writing a novel. True fact, the idea scares the crap out of me.
(In my life, I’ve started writing 4 different novels. None ever got past the planning stage)

A short story is easier to proofread. I’m the person doing all the proofing at the end of the process.
More places publish Flash Fiction online than any other type of story.
A short story or piece of Flash fiction can be written in less than a day, sometimes under an hour.
This doesn’t mean any less effort has gone into it than any novel you’ve ever read.
Far from it. It’s harder to tell a story in less words.
It makes you have to work to get your point and ideas across more quickly.
People have to be able to read and say “Yeah, I get where this is coming from”.

Ever writing

7 Oct

Had an idea whilst making my evening meal last night which I was turning over in my head and eventually handwrote in bed late that night and early into this morning. I finished it in one go and typed it up after having lunch today.

Its just short of 800 words and I have put out a request for beta readers (please don’t apply from here, go to the Goodreads Beta reader group and it’s for experienced betas only!) in order to get solid feedback.

My hope is to polish and tighten it to the point where it will be good enough to make it onto on of the paying magazine sites.

More on the feedback process as it happens.

Outlining, not writing

4 Oct

Another new story outline done, it says everything I need to know to write the thing.

Not exactly sure why I’m feeling so anti-writing at the moment.

People who say “please judge my work” then get annoyed when you do

4 Oct

I’m on reddit.
I read stories and stuff now and then on there.

The main thing that puts me off reading a persons work is that they haven’t formatted it. It’s just one big massive block of text. No paragraphs or line spacing. And if they HAVE done paragraphs, they haven’t put any line spaces between them, making it very tough to read.

If you want to be a writer, have pride in how your work looks.
In cooking they say the first bite is with the eye.
Reading someones writing is exactly the same.

Please care how your writing looks. Or no-one else will.

Learning a bit of formatting isn’t hard.
Neither is proof-reading.
Or Spell-checking.

Which a lot of reddit writers don’t do because they write their stories on the sites they post them on.
Bad habit to have, get out of it.
Have some pride in your writing.

It might BE shit, it doesn’t have to LOOK like it too!

More book work!

1 Oct

Done my cover for “Service Provider”, the other of this months free releases.

Not sure exactly WHEN it’ll be set free, probably some time during the last week of the month.

We’ll see. Definitely before the 31st though!

Free ebook released now!

1 Oct

It’s the (first) new free release of this month a quirky little horrorish piece, cover by Adrienne Trafford @adriennetraf. If you like it tweet me @RayDaleyWriter
Also available on Feedbooks for Android users.

The Realisation