Crazy, or something.

28 Oct

I’ve been a busy beaver this afternoon.

I typed up the new story – it’s probably going out to the flash market, I’ve also been going through all the finished stories.

I’ve now earmarked 12 for next year.
Oh yes, NEXT year.
12 have been chosen for release, they are of course subject to change.
More stuff will be written before the end of the year no doubt and may replace them if I feel they are better or more suited to a specific month to release in.

I’m normally never this organised.
The fact that I’ve not only got 12 stories ready BEFORE next year but I also have 8 spares that can go out to the flash markets too.

The stuff for next year has all been allocated to each month, covers will be done eventually in slow time.

This much is certain, there WILL be at least 1 release per month next year.

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