Kindle reading stats

24 Oct

I’ve been keeping a log (on my door calendar) of how long a charge lasts for on my Kindle (K3 keyboard, wifi only) and I’ve been doing that for over a year now. This month I decided to try and do a more precise breakdown and logged how long I was using my Kindle for on a daily basis.

So I noted what time I started reading, when I stopped and noted those down in terms of minutes.

Initially the Kindle was charged for 12 hours.

It was used over a 25 day period before the “please recharge” warning started appearing. (Please note, you CAN continue to read after that message appears, anything up to 5 days more. There will be another message, when you see that you’d REALLY better recharge unless you want to lose the Kindle)

In that 25 days, 6 days were 0 (zero) usage, ie:- no reading time at all. Probably the days I was really tired.

Over the course of the 25 days I read for 1389 minutes or 23 hours and 15 minutes.

On average this was reading for 55 minutes and 56 seconds per day over 25 days.

This is on a Kindle that is almost 2 yrs old, is charged for at least 8hrs when it needs to be recharged, is kept in good working order and protected from the cold (as cold will MASSIVELY sap your battery life VERY quickly as I discovered late this month when the cold kicked in and I lost almost 1/3 of my battery charge in a day) as best as possible (I recommend wrapping it inside something warm like a wooly hat or scarf so it’s not sitting in an ambiently cold room) and does not have an excessive amount of books loaded onto it (I recommend having no more than 800 titles or the indexing feature will sap your battery right down).

Hopefully these figures will be useful to other Kindle owners. Let me know?

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