Day 13

20 Oct

It’s now been 13 days since I last wrote anything new or started anything new. 7th Oct was the day I typed up “Fourth Generation Explorers” having written it in bed the previous night.

The only stuff I’ve done since then was write the ending for my Doctor Who fanfic that I felt wasn’t finished but had a rough idea for and some proofing on other releases for next month and December.

It’s getting a bit annoying now. I want to write something but have no desire, I’m at the bottom of the cycle again.

I’ve been meaning to type something up (which is unfinished and never will be) but had no desire there either.
I get the feeling I should go through my handwritten stuff and see what sparks my urges, if anything.

Right now I couldn’t be further away from wanting to start on anything.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel, the spark went out.

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