The RAF. The flying one.

18 Oct

This is an update purely for me, if it’s useful to you in any way then that’s totally cool.

So I was looking through my RAF documents again, this time checking everything out that they sent me.
A heck of a lot of contradictions.

So I was lied to about where I worked when they “moved” me from Command Supply. Apparently I was still officially working for them in April of 1991 when I was promoted to SAC. This means my Warrant Officer lied directly to my face. And I always thought of him as a friend, I guess you really don’t know people ever, do you?

It looks like ASR were forced to take me after the CRE incident. The job I was doing didn’t exist before I arrived, they had to establish it especially. So I wasn’t filling up a gap, I was creating an entirely new one. Again, I was lied to.

As far as the mishandled discharge, a lot of people backpeddled, retracted statements and generally bullshitted their way through that. All of which I have the proof for. I may well approach the RAF again to get them to retroactively fix my discharge conditions.

End of message.

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