Why short stories?

11 Oct

It’s a very good question that I imagine some people want to ask.
Why do I favour the short story over longer ones?

A few reasons.

I like to be able to do something a reader can pick up, get into quickly, read for up to maybe 30 minutes max and be finished.
I find short stories easier to write. Sometimes an idea can only be taken so far.
I’m genuinely nervious about writing a novel. True fact, the idea scares the crap out of me.
(In my life, I’ve started writing 4 different novels. None ever got past the planning stage)

A short story is easier to proofread. I’m the person doing all the proofing at the end of the process.
More places publish Flash Fiction online than any other type of story.
A short story or piece of Flash fiction can be written in less than a day, sometimes under an hour.
This doesn’t mean any less effort has gone into it than any novel you’ve ever read.
Far from it. It’s harder to tell a story in less words.
It makes you have to work to get your point and ideas across more quickly.
People have to be able to read and say “Yeah, I get where this is coming from”.

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