People who say “please judge my work” then get annoyed when you do

4 Oct

I’m on reddit.
I read stories and stuff now and then on there.

The main thing that puts me off reading a persons work is that they haven’t formatted it. It’s just one big massive block of text. No paragraphs or line spacing. And if they HAVE done paragraphs, they haven’t put any line spaces between them, making it very tough to read.

If you want to be a writer, have pride in how your work looks.
In cooking they say the first bite is with the eye.
Reading someones writing is exactly the same.

Please care how your writing looks. Or no-one else will.

Learning a bit of formatting isn’t hard.
Neither is proof-reading.
Or Spell-checking.

Which a lot of reddit writers don’t do because they write their stories on the sites they post them on.
Bad habit to have, get out of it.
Have some pride in your writing.

It might BE shit, it doesn’t have to LOOK like it too!

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