Touched by the hand of Bradbury

22 Sep

Over the last few days I’ve been watching various things that Ray Bradbury did.
The first was a poem he performed on a tv show where he appeared with Arthur C. Clarke (I believe it was for the launching of Voyager 1).
The second was a talk he delivered about writing at a Californian University.
He gave some great advice about how to start writing.

To write a short story every week for a year, to learn and refine your craft.
At the end of the year you would have 52 stories but at least a few decent ones.
He said he started writing at age 12 and didn’t try to write a novel until he was 30.

I was inspired by him to go through some of my older ideas (I have several little piles of ideas, two lots are handwritten and one is a typed set of ideas and frameworks) and try to finish one.

I’m a little under the weather currently due to a throat infection which is also making me sick too.
I will try to finish the idea off that I picked out.

I’ve also been asked to beta-read a book and have volunteered myself to beta at least 3 more but I am waiting for those to be sent to me.

Nothing much else to do until my VF & Clinic appointments next month (which I have an actual date for now!).
Signing off for now.

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