What is Science Fiction? (from reddit)

26 Jul

Science Fiction = Anything “real” science can’t make happen at the exact time of writing.

NB:- Please be aware that when writing science fiction, actual science is progressing at an incredible rate. What started out as science fiction may well end up be just plain old actual science by the time you finish it.

The moral here? WRITE FASTER.

I have ACTUALLY had this happen to me.
Started on an idea, ran out of steam mid-way & stopped.
By the time I came back to it, it was actually possible and no longer fiction.

Everything from here onwards is new.  The above story was called “The EPUB on my Kindle”.  It was never finished. I still have it, what was written of it before I ran out of ideas. I started it when I’d had my Kindle for about 2 or 3 months, when I went back to it about 9 months later I realised I had nothing more so I Googled to see if the idea was even remotely possible. Bad mistake!

Never Google your ideas.  Why?  You’ll discover your “new” idea has either been done before (upsetting) or it’s actually possible.
Someone had rooted their Kindle and was running some software that allowed them to read unconverted EPUB files on it.

My science fiction idea was now science fact.

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