Hiding In Plain Sight (contains swearing!)

18 Jul

Recently it was revealed that J. K. Rowling had written yet another book of yet another different style under a different name.

That’s not a bad thing and here’s why.

Sometimes as a writer, you want people to buy your work based on the fact that it looks and sounds good. And not on the name of the writer on the front cover. Sure, J. K. Rowling is a name that’s going to make people go into a book shop, pick up a copy and pay for it without even reading the blurb.

This happens to people like Stephen King and Terry Pratchett (incidently to the point where his agent just appears to be whoring as many books as humanly possible out of the poor bastard before he can no longer write any more because of the dastardly shitbag that is Alzheimers.  By the by Terry, if you are releasing this many books because YOU yourself want to then please say so because I’m calling your agent all kinds of swear words, some I’ve even invented especially for him.), fans go in and just buy the book because they see the authors name on it.

I used to be such a fan. To quote “Sunday, Bloody Sunday” – NO MORE!

The way I write means my name is the only name that will EVER (and I fucking mean it!) go on the cover of my books.

I wrote them. Me. Yours truly. Ray Daley.  (Only my mum is allowed to call me Raymond!)

Not a ghost writer. Not a computer program featuring highly complex humour & saracasm algorithms. But me.

I am a 1 person operation. I write them. I proof them (often not fully, I’m only human). I make the covers. I release them on Smashwords & Feedbooks (and infrequently on Amazon when I think they are good enough for you to pay actual real money for). I write the blurbs. I promote them (on Facebook, Twitter, Google +).

And I read the reviews. When and if I get any.  I do get some, to those people who take the time out of their busy lives to write anything (even if it’s something like “This sucked, I hate you, die now!”) then I thank you. ANY feedback is welcome.

When you buy or download one of my free books you can do so knowing I wrote it.
Because my name is on the cover.  The ideas inside came from my brain via my fingers and I typed them.
I edited and changed some of them.  (I’m not a massive fan of rewrites, generally what you read is what I came up with.)

So enjoy my work.  Because it’s all mine.

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