Quick update

6 Jul

As it’s been very hot recently I haven’t been doing a lot of writing.
I have written quite a few story ideas out and a couple of frameworks (mainly to get them down while they were still in my head.)

Being half Welsh I don’t cope well in the hot weather. Having a high sensitivity to bright light isn’t helpful either.

I’m currently trying to work up something to submit to one of the online flash sites (I am currently unsure as to where) but I also have a fair few fully finished stories (some even with covers) so have no real need to write whole stories for the rest of the year if need be. I have more than enough pieces to cover the rest of the year for new ebook releases and still have some left over to submit into the flash market.

There will be at least 3 releases in November (2 Doctor Who related stories to mark the 50th Anniversay of the show) and also a piece I want to release on November 11th for Armistice Day.

Now you know as much as I do.  Try to stay hydrated folks. And don’t get sunburn!

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