Up to stuff, here’s what

17 Jun

Had an idea yesterday whilst making tea which I later wrote up in bed, typed it up after lunch today.  It’s not finished but I think I know how it ends.

Made a couple of covers (for Dinner With Grandma & Echo Beach), I’ll probably type up my fragment from “The Secret Police Man” tomorrow.

May do nothing Wednesday, can’t do anything Thursday as I am getting lasered at the Hospital so I will most likely be resting Friday as well.

I think my next order of business will be to do covers for everything else that is currently finished which means 3 more stories will be moved from “probably finished” to the “definitely finished” pile.  2 of them are very short so if I release those I will do 1 at the start of the month and the other a week later so people don’t think I am short changing them with just flash length stuff.

The story that previously was entered into a Goodreads competition is long enough to stand as 1 monthly release. It’s as polished as it’s going to get too.Not really sure how best to represent that with a cover so it’ll probably be one of the last releases of the year.

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