Life update

4 Jun

Just thought I’d let you folks know I’ve received a definate date for my 2nd (and hopefully last) round of laser surgery on my eyes for my glaucoma later this month.

Laser is NOT a cure, there is NO cure.

Glaucoma is managed, it’s something once diagnosed that you live with as best as you can.  This is a new type of laser, I’d had all I could have of the old style ALT (Argon Laser Treatment) – you can only have that twice.

I don’t know if the new kind (SLT) gives the same expected results as the ALT did as that gave 5 years each time of good manageable life with little to no pain.  I can cope with 5 more yrs which would get me towards the end of the current decade, hopefully it’ll also mean I can start to look for work properly & hopefully get another job.

Being unemployed can be kind of depressing but living between pain & hospital treatments isn’t exactly shits and giggles either but it’s the lesser of 2 evils.

Don’t worry and start thinking “Oh no!  He’s going to abandon us all!  He’s going to stop writing!”  Nope.  Not going to happen.  Not in this lifetime at least.  I will continue to write as long as I am able to see.  And I will continue to release free ebooks for as long as I have money to pay my broadband bill.

I have numerous finished pieces that can be released and only 1 submission out with a website right now.  I am writing down ideas and partials all the time and have a backlog of the same to type up eventually.  When I get time to do them.

I am going to ask one thing of you, my blog readers.
I would like to know which of my ebooks or online flash stories you like the most.

Comments here please.

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