What’s occuring?

25 May

With the amount of stuff currently finished there is no real need or impetus to write at the moment. I’m on hiatus until Wednesday then I will read “All The World – In Wax!” with a view to polish & proof.
I currently think the end needs improving.
We’ll see once I’ve read the whole thing as it stands.
Fairly sure what I want to do as a cover. Hopefully I can resolve it to the point of release for next month.

I must resist the urge to finish one of the “partials” sitting near the computer.

Here’s what is currently finished.

All The World In Wax,
Dinner With Grandma,
Echo Beach,
Something Borrowed Something Blew,
The Bomb,
The Ground Beneath My Feet,
The Last Day With My Friends (In the marble orchard),
The Realisation,
Visiting Hours and
Who Are The Victors.

Also finished are Welcome To Freedom and Miner. I have no idea what to do with them.
“Alan Rickman will NOT die” technically IS finished but needs work. I’m not happy with it.

10 titles finished, 1 needs proofing. The other 9 are ready to go.

I am looking at trying to finish some of my partials.
Everything will happen after Wednesday.

Unless an idea happens before that.

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