The Digital Ape

22 Apr

“They” say that if you had an infinite number of monkeys at an infinite number of typewriters they’d eventually produce The Complete Works Of Shakespeare. The monkeys would probably write dirty jokes that are just as good or better than old Will’s.

Providing they didn’t spend most of the time flinging poo at either you or each other.

With the Internet anyone can now publish a book or a story.
Admittedly there isn’t an infinite number of us but at the speed we write no doubt we’ll eventually cover every story idea that the human brain can come up with.

And I’m part of that pool of creativity making new books and stories.

I am A Digital Ape.
Brachiating my way across the world wide web only pausing to fling poo.
Let’s face it, that’s all Facebook is really for – flinging our poo at each other.

All hail The Digital Ape, he walks upright and uses a keyboard.
He also likes bananas. Oook!

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