Spreading yourself too thin

17 Apr

This is something I am guilty of.

I have a LOT of ideas that are either in development or just a few lines or a few paragraphs or well under way. Sometimes I find being able to sit down and write (ie:- having the desire & motivation) quite difficult.

So I’ll try to write but I am VERY easily distracted. Not to the point of ADD but I am pretty easily distracted, I find it very easy to procrastinate too. Currently in my development queue I have at least 40 stories ranging from just an idea written down to 1 line of story, 1 sentance, a paragraph all the way up what would equate to several pages.

My single worst piece of procrastination would be my Hitch Hikers fan-fic story which I’ve been working on since I was 16. And I’m 43 now. So I’ve got it bad.

I can finish stuff. My 50+ published ebooks and several flash fiction stories online are proof of that.

All I’m saying is I’m a complex individual.

I’ll just write when I can, is that fair enough?

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