A sneaky peak at a work in progress…….

14 Apr

“All The World In Wax” – here’s a little taster to whet your appetite.

All around the town, the pasters of posters were advertising the coming attraction. “Recently arrived; from Lychburg, Tn. All The World – In Wax! See how life is lived in other states!” The poster promised mysteries would be unravelled amidst a cloud of popcorn aroma and tilt-a-whirl screams.

The carnival would run for a week as it always had in the past, then quietly dismantle like a snake eating its own tail and move off during the night leaving nothing but an empty field. Nothing but a few half ripped tickets and a broken coconut shell to show anything had ever been there except the field.

(This is my attempt to channel both Ray Bradbury & Stephen King at the same time, any opinions are welcome)

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