Today I……………..

8 Apr

Typed up my current bedside notes for “The Space Museum” which is still its working title unless I can think of a better one.

I’ve now got an artist working on a potential cover (in slow time) in the shape of one of my sisters.

The ideas that currently exist appear to work fairly well as notes that I’ve typed up, how they work when I come to turn it into chapters is entirely another matter.

I think the situation I’ve created to make my 2 lead characters the last 2 Americans alive doesn’t sound completely ridiculous or insane. I’ve already abandoned the sad “everyone dies” initial idea for my original ending, its just way too dull and a real heavy bummer to boot.

In order to improve it I created a new character and a back story of their survival which works for me.

I’m of a mind to create a timeline for the story so I can refer to it as I am writing, it’s a possibly helpful development tool which may or may not be implemented. Frankly anything I do this week before Thursday is a bonus.

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