Totally not a statement of intention, okay?

3 Apr

I’m saying that so people don’t expect me to follow through then get disappointed if or when I can’t manage to complete what I’m thinking about.

Okay, caveat over.

On Sunday Linguistic Erosion will publish “The Keepers, Kept” on their web site.

It’s a short piece of flash fiction that tells a little bit of a story but enough to be understandable.

One of the things people have said about some of my previous shorts were that a few of them could have easily been extended into something more. The more I read over “The Keepers, Kept”, the more I started thinking that about it myself. The story does and can stand alone. But I feel like I can do more with it.

So I’m going to try. I may fail. But I’ll fail having tried. Which is better than never trying.

So far I have outline ideas for 15 specific chapters, each of which I am hoping I can make about 2000 words long or more. Which may well put me at 30,000 words – way more than anything I’ve previously written for one single story.

I’m going to try. I have no set timetable, no set amount of words per day or week or month even.
There’s no finish line as such, if I can answer to myself “have I reached the end of this?” then it’s done.

Wish me luck.
I’m gonna need it.

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