Nothing happens for ages and then ……….

27 Mar

Received an email today.

My flash story “The Keepers, kept” will be appearing on the front page of the Linguistic Erosion flash story site on April 7th.
I’ll put up a URL when it’s live.

Off to hospital tomorrow, I assume it’s just my pre-op check up to save time on the day of the actual laser surgery.

Fairly sure next months freebie will be “The Time On The Island”, I’ll work on sorting a cover over the Easter weekend.

Right, now I REALLY should type up those “Write Now” notes that have been sitting in the notepad over a month.

And it’s nice to see likes from readers and followers, I am checking out your blogs too even if I’m not leaving any comments. If you take time to read mine and I get an email telling me so then I will at least return the favour and check your blog out.

Remember if you want to read my work just make your way to Smashwords, Feedbooks, Kobo, Itunes, Barnes & Noble (their online site), Diesal, the Sony ereader site or Amazon which is the only place I am currently selling my work.

Everywhere else it’s free and always will be.
There are now over 52 titles available, at least one for every week of the year!

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