A General Heads-up

26 Mar

Or an update about what’s going on in my particular world in plain English.

Being ex-RAF (6 years served) I do tend to drop into military jargon quite frequently without realising it so I will try to translate for the confirmed life-long civilians amongst you.

And I now know people are reading this, I’ve seen several comments. Thanks to all of you for taking those precious moments out of your own life streams to read about mine.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before that I suffer from glaucoma, I was diagnosed in the late 90’s so I’ve been living with it for well over a decade now. I’ve recently been sent a date for a new and improved laser procedure (no, not for corrective vision!) to help with my symptoms.

This won’t effect my monthly free ebook releases next month as I’m scheduled for mid April.

I haven’t written anything new since the last week of February. I had a couple of ideas, neither of which I decided to commit to paper. Both have lasted through many sleeps so if I decide either one has the legs to stand alone then I might write it.

I submitted another story to Linguistic Erosion yesterday, no news on that front as of yet.

I’m hoping my motivation level picks up so I do start writing before the end of the month. It’s not an issue as far as the monthly free releases go, I’ve got 20 possible releases which are all completed and ready to go, only requiring covers and blurbs to be made which is never a long or difficult job.

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