Grrr? Fuck yes!

9 Mar

Well, after 6 weeks of waiting to hear back from 365 Tomorrows I got a no.

It “may be due to a need for editing, a theme that does not fit within the scope of the site, or the fact that we have recently accepted a story similar to yours”.
I think the last case of affairs as they put up a time travel short a few days back.

I can’t see what was stopping them holding it a few more days then putting it out.
As I’d reached the 6th week of waiting without hearing I was certain they were going to take it. I can’t believe their queue for reading is 6 weeks long, especially as the large percentage of stuff they publish is by the writers who work for them.

No nepotism there at all, is there?

Oh, and if anyone from 365 Tomorrows reads this, please do TRY to defend it.
It’s unreal how much of your own staffs work you put on the site.

I think that’s me on a break for the time being, bit too miffed about 2 rejections.
I can spend more time reading. Currently enjoying “Down And Out In The Magic Kingdom” by Cory Doctorow which is a crapload better than “For The Win” (also by him).

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