29 Jan

Had my first rejection of the year yesterday from Linguistic Erosions, turning down “First One There Dies”.

Not sure if it was too long, not the right genre or just plain not good enough. The email said it “does not fit with our needs at this time”, whatever that may mean.

I’m fairly certain it’s not due to the amount of material they have available to print otherwise you’d have to wait a lot longer than we currently do (a maximum of about 3 days) to hear if they are printing your submission or not.

My last submissions went from accepted to online in 2 days, 3 days and the same day in that order. Maybe they just don’t want to have people getting sick of my being published a lot.

Anyway, I don’t mind. I know the story is okay (it’s not brilliant but it’s not shyte either) and I’ll get some usage out of it elsewhere further down the line this year most likely.

Just got to put my head up and crack on.

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