Feelings on fanfic

21 Jan

I’ll start by saying this.  I’ve written some.

A few stories set in the Terminator and Blade Runner universes.

I did it because I like the original ideas and how they’d been used and I felt familiar enough with the characters and the realities they inhabited to be able to make something that could stand alone and still seem to belong within that reality.

I’ve also got stuff either in development or in progress.  More Terminator stories (so far those have all been flash length and probably always will be), a Doctor Who idea and some Discworld fanfic too.

After reading some more DW based stuff recently I recalled I had some ideas well over two years ago and never did anything with them.  So I’ve started trying to make some sort of framework to build them onto.  So far it’s feeling very like Terry (Pratchett).

How long it’ll take to finish, I have no clue, ditto what kind of length it’ll be either.

I’m  working on them.  Which is better than writing nothing.

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